image signatur "Dale Clark"



Dale Clark combines the newest Western techniques and materials with an Eastern philosophical esthetic to make a cross cultural universal statement.  His source material is derived from dreams, meditation, music, and human experiences of the inner and outer worlds.  He strives to freeze the ideas and feelings that stream through his consciousness into two or three dimensional form images.  The cosmos - the vast experience of space and thought, provide an endless field for his mystical exploration of human emotion.

Mr. Clark's painting process is a development of finishing methods of metal sculpture.  He began to see its potential as a painting medium in 1969 and has developed it to its present state.  Advanced methods of electroplating are used as precious metals which are painted into a thick copper sheet with electronic brush. Colors are formed as a result of a chemical reaction between the plated surface and highly corrosive acids. Additional textures are introduced by repousse, carving, grinding, and etching.

The surface glitters with pure gold and silver and the viewer is presented with a changing energetic surface as he moves relative to the piece and the light source. Mr. Clark's compositions are deeply affected by the formal ideas of balance and purity of the circle, combined with the essence of the human figure. A profound peace is felt as the technological scientific processes dissolve into a sensitive human understanding.

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