On September 11, 2001, eight American children lost their lives because of an act of terrorism. Since that day, by conservative estimates, approximately 1,000 children of Afghanistan and 3,000 children of Iraq have lost their lives as a result of war in their countries.

The America, Afghanistan & Iraq Children's Memorial respectfully remembers ALL of these children. The memorial is a walk-through labyrinth of small tombstones remembering the children whose names and ages have been documented, as well as those whose names are as yet unknown to us. Many of the tombstones have been enhanced with contributions of artwork, poetry, prayers and comments. Visitors to the memorial are encouraged to adopt the memory of a child by signing an individual tombstone.

The list of lost children grows daily. Our primary sources for documentation are: The Unknown News, The Afghan Victim Memorial, and Iraq Body Count. We encourage you to do your own research at these sites.

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To see more pictures and an article about the exhibition of the memorial in Tucson, Arizona, click here.

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We welcome your comments and suggestions, positive or negative. We want to know what you think. Do you think this memorial is unpatriotic? Does it make you feel hopeless, helpless? Do you have suggestions for amplifying or multiplying this idea? Does this give you an idea for something you can do to remember these children? Music? Poetry? Dance? Theater? Film? Video? Written expression? Your feedback is encouraged.